Saturday, March 16, 2013

More stuff

So, it has been a while.  

Since my last post on this blog, Apple released a new iphone, ipad, ipod. Now the talk is about iTV, iPouch (I made that up).  And the stock analysis are concerned because Apple only made a 42 billion  an increase of 7% over last year. That's more money than Dell, HP, Blackberry, and another company I can't remember, combined!  So why are analysis so concerned?  Because they failed to meet expectations!  

Meanwhile, last year Samsung has established itself as a major competitor in the smart thing market. Tables have established themselves enough that the PC makers are very concerned   In 2012, there were over 120 million tables sold.  Technology waits for no one.  Mobile is moving on.  There is 3-d touch screens (do you touch above it or what), displays are getting bigger, better, and batters are improving all the time.  Communications are faster with 4g becoming favored and 3g is becoming slow.  Who of us remember dial-up speeds of 2400 baud?

While this is going on, the population of earth had increased by, what, as much as the number of tablets sold last year?  In researching this question I stumbled across the smallest country, population wise, in the world. It is Tokelau. Funny country. It has a population of 1100.  Other than being a island that is basically a circle and may become the first country to produce 100% of their electric using solar power, it is has a upcoming industry is selling domain names.  

Go figure!

So do you see the link between technology and Tokela?  It is a good example of just how evasive technology is becoming.  Yesterday, when I shut my Windows 7 PC down, it notified me that is was installing updates to my operating system. Over 12 of them!  My Droidx spends more resources on updating the software in it than I use making phone calls.  I used Google's spreadsheet for the first time in a few days and the user interface has changed to add new functions and change how other work. It is a form of cloud computing and changes willy-nilly when they want to, not when I want them to.

My friend, a sound designer, spent six days recovering his PC from a bad software upgrade to his OS.  I started  Firebox on my wife's PC and logged into Turbo Tax, only to see Firefox get a address violation.  Come on folks!  How can we produce such crappy sotfware and while it we become more dependent on it?

I dread the day that they install a chip in my body to keep my heart pumping and then it gets an software update that needs a reboot to recover from. Now, that can be called a 'fatal error'!

Ok, I ranted enough.  I just wanted to post something new.

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